Michael C.

Three women died and went to heaven. At the gate they met St. Peter who asked them how they died. Woman 1: St. Peter I have always been a good woman. I was happily married and I never had an outside relationship. One day I went for a walk and my heart gave out on me. St. Peter: Bless you my child. Take the golden key and go the golden door. Your reward will be with you soon Woman 2: St Peter I was also a good woman, but I cheated on my husband a couple of times. I went out one day to meet my lover and was killed in a car crash. St. Peter: Forgiveness is a part of life here. Take the silver key and go to the silver door. Your reward will be with you soon. Woman 3: (aggressively) Peter boy, I fucked everybody. Once you had a dick, I fucked you. I loved it so much. One of my many lovers caught me betraying him and killed me. St. Peter: Take this key and go to my door, I will be there with you soon.

funniness: 7.48

rating: PG-13