Doreen H.

Thor was a mighty lion that ruled over the jungle. All the living creatures of the jungle were very intimidated by Thor. Not only was he very ferocious, he had an insatiable sexual appetite and would satisfy his urges with whatever he could get his paws on. One afternoon as Thor roamed the jungle he roared loudly and proclaimed, "I am Thor, king of the jungle, and I will have my way with the next animal that crosses my path." Naturally all the animals scattered as fast as they could, none of them wanted to have any part of Thor's plan. Unfortunately, one little mouse was not quick enough to escape and Thor grabbed him up and took him into the brush and had his way with him. Afterwards, Thor tossed the mouse aside and roared triumphantly, "I am THOR!" Which the mouse replied, "You think you are thore!"

funniness: 4.79

rating: R