Stanley T.

Arriving home one evening, Joshua, a chef, finds a note from his wife at the living room, which reads: Hi Dear, I've gone out with a friend; I got no time to cook for you. Cook for yourself, in any case, you are a chef, aren't you? Hope to see you later for a sexy evening. Lilly Though the chef was very pissed off, he goes ahead and cooks for himself. Later that night, his wife arrives home and heads straight into the bedroom, where she finds a note on the bed from the chef, which reads: Hi Sweetheart, I've also gone out, I got no time to fuck you tonight, but I left an eighteen-inch vibrator under the pillow, big enough for you. Please find time to fuck yourself, in any case you're a slut aren't you? I'll be fucking a tighter pussy. Hope to see you later for breakfast. Josh.

funniness: 6.99

rating: R