Stanley T.

Katrina had a very bad habit; she always was fast to say "No". Everyone in the village had noticed that and were truly fed up with her attitude. Katrina's friend, Suzannah, offered to help her out. "Yoo-hoo! Katrina!" she called out one day and she then explained to Katrina how irritable she had been to the villagers. "I don't agree with you, Suzanah", she answered, "but since you insist then I'll promise you that you'll never hear a no from me again". The news of her change in attitude spread round the village. Georgio, a local Casanova, heard the news and was so delighted. He had slept with almost all the women in the village except one, and for obvious reasons; Georgio did not like women who said "No!" to him. Now that Katrina had made a solemn promise, Georgio could now strike. At his first attempt to date Katrina, all was well; he got a date. He, then got a romantic stroll with her and then was so successful to be invited over for tea at Katrina's. So, Georgio on that evening prepared himself well and rushed to Katrina's dwelling; he wore a provocatively smelling perfume and wore no underwear for the sake of ease when the time arrived for "the act". Katrina opened the door and invited him over. She helped him remove his shoes and coat; made him feel comfortable. All went well. It was now time for Georgio to ask for a lay and he did, but Katrina asked "It seems obvious to me that I'm not the first you've ever fucked, isn't it?" Georgio ignorantly answered, "I can't say I'm a virgin, but why should it matter? I'm a man and you know how men are." Satisfied with the answer Katrina offered to make tea, as she prepared herself for "the act". After some minutes, she came back with five cups of tea and presented four in front of Georgio. "Four Cups? Why all these?" Georgio asked. She answered, "I wanted you to taste the difference of each of them, that's why." He tasted them all, but they all seemed to taste the same, so he furiously asked her, "I don't taste any difference in all these cups. Can we stop the kidding around and take off your clothes so that I may get a decent fuck. A cup is enough for me. I don't need to drink four to know that they all taste the same, so give me what I'm here for." Katrina then patiently commented, "My point exactly, I think my pussy tastes just like the rest you've fucked, so just go back and fuck the one you've always been fucking. I think it's enough for you."

funniness: 5.55

rating: R