Moe R.

Twisted Titles are titles of books, films or plays with just one letter changed. Little Red Hiding Hood: Communist midget shelters Hoffa. The Cat in the Cat: Dr. Seuss introduces toddlers to the facts of life. My life as a Log: Pinocchio reflects on his childhood. Dunces with Wolves: Western Epic starring the Three Stooges. Patriot Dames: The DAR does the IRA. 'Til Death do us Park: Vows exchanged in New York City gridlock. Sleeping with the Ennema: A tragedy in one act. Goyz 'N The Hood: Jews and blacks unite to drive the KKK out of Beverly Hills. My Left Food: Politically correct chow. Club Ted: High jinks at Hyannisport. Never the Twain Shall Meat: Sam Clemens becomes a vegetarian. Don't Fit Under the Apple Tree: The Andrew Sisters experience middle-age spread.

funniness: 5.33

rating: PG