Debbie M.

A man had to have his balls operated on. During the operation one of his balls rolled off the table. Not able to find it, the doctor sent a nurse to the hospital kitchen to look for something the same size as the man's ball. The nurse came back with an onion and the doctor put it in and sewed the man up. After six weeks the man came in for his follow up. Doctor : So tell me have you, been having any problems? Patient: Just a few. Doctor : Like what? Patient: Well every time me and my wife make love, she crys. Doctor : Oh well, I don't know what's causing that. Any more problems? Patient: Yeah, every time I take a piss, I cry. Doctor : Gee, I don't know what could be causing that. Any thing else? Patient: Yeah, every time I pass a hamburger stand, I get one hell of a hard on!

funniness: 6.51

rating: R