Stanley P.

A man and his wife got into a disagreement one evening and she nagged about how he couldn't do anything right and how he didn't care about her. In a fit of rage he stormed out of the house and sped away in his car. He was so angry he drove well over the speed limit, hit a tree and died instantaneously. He got up to heaven and found St. Peter who promptly asked, "How do you spell 'love'?" The man responded by spelling love. St. Peter informed him it was correct and let him enter Heaven. Many years pasted and the man and St. Peter had become good friends. One day St. Peter approached him and informed the man that he was going on vacation and wanted the man to watch the gate for him. The man accepted the task and began with his new duty. As people came to him he did what St. Peter had done many times before and asked them to spell simple words such as love, charity, and Jesus. All of a sudden his wife forced her way to the front of the line screaming, "Look at you. I knew you never amount to anything! You can't even get to Heaven right!" He calmly explained to his wife, "In order to get through this gate, you need to spell giganotosaurus."

funniness: 5.17

rating: PG