Faisal M.

Joe suffers acute pain on his penis one day. He goes to see a doctor. The doctor examines him and tells him the bad news, "Son, there is no way. We will have to chop your penis off." Joe excalims, "What?! Chop what off?! But doc, I need to..." The doctor replis, "Sorry son, but there is no other way." Joe goes to see another doctor...same story. He finally hears that there is a "medicine man" that might be able to help him. After the "medicine man" exmaines Joe, he went back to the medicine room and returns with a big smile on his face. Joe inquires, "Please tell me that we don't have to chop it off!" The "medicine man" says, "Chop it off?! No way! Just take this paste and rub it on your penis for two weeks and come back to me." Joe is full of joy and thanks the "medicine man" and goes home. He applies the paste everyday for two weeks and returns to the "medicine man." The "medicine man" exmines Joe again and mutters, "Hmm...very good. I see that the medicine is working great." Joe asks, "Oh thank you! So there is no need to chop it off?" The "medicine man" replies, "No, no, no, it'll just fall off by itself."

funniness: 7.35

rating: R