Kathleen P.

This story is true, it really happened to one of my close friends. On a rather cold snowy day, Emily's parents were trying to decide if they should let Emily, who was 16 and had just gotten a fully loaded, brand new 1999 Mercedes for her birthday, drive home. The parents decided that she could handle the task and told her it was okay to drive home. Emily sucessfully drove the four miles to her home, but on the last turn before her house she hit a patch of ice, sending her careening into her neighbor's driveway, right into her neighbor's new 99' Dodge Durango and totaling her new Mercedes. Both cars suffered thousands of dollars in repairs. Emily was uninjured. When Emily's mother came home in her Lexus she saw her daughter's damaged car, panicked, lost control of her car and smashed into a tree in the yard and doing severe damage to her Lexus. Both Emily and her mother were uninjured. When Emily's father came home, he saw the terrible damage in the driveway and fearing the worst came into the driveway at a hasty speed, he parked the car safley, with no damage done. Jumping out of the car to run into the house and see if his family was okay, the father slipped on a patch of ice, breaking his leg.

funniness: 6.83

rating: PG