Rachel M.

My friend was once driving around in Baltimore, and he was lost. Consequently, he didn't see a stop sign in time and he only managed to slow down. As luck would have it, a policeman saw him and pulled him over. The officer asked, "Are you aware you just ran that stop sign?" My friend replied, "Yes, officer. But I can explain. I'm lost, and I didn't see it. But I slowed down. Did you see me slow down?" My friend tried for a little while longer to explain that he was lost and was very insistent upon the fact that he slowed down. Finally, the officer took out his flashlight and began hitting it against his hand. "Son," he said slowly, "If I was beating you over the head with this flashlight, would you want me to stop, or would you want me to SLOW DOWN?!"

funniness: 5.86

rating: PG