Ben B.

This guy named Bob walked into a bar with a frog and a gerbil. The bartender, who was curious of why he had such odd pets with him decided to ask about it. The guy replied "that his animals had special talents and could not leave them at home." So, the bartender, who was now even more curious then before, wanted to know what they did, so of course he asked. Bob then whipped out a miniature piano. He sat the Gerbil down next to the piano and the little thing started playing. After a few measures, the frog starts singing to the tune. The man that was sitting next to the guy said that he would pay Bob $500 for that frog. Without thought, the man gave the frog to the man. As Bob was counting his money, the bartender asked why he sold such a thing. To which Bob replied "it is okay, the Gerbil is a ventriloquist"

funniness: 6.67

rating: PG