Deanna M.

Three guys were out drinking one night when one of them finally passed out. The other two laugh and one peels the label off his beer bottle and sticks it on the guy's forehead. An hour or so later, he awakens, looks at his watch and realizes that he has to drive home. He hadn't even gone a mile, when he sees red lights flashing in his rearview mirror and he's forced to pull over. The officer walks up, looks in and shakes his head. "Sir, have you been drinking?" The guy lies, "well, I had one or two." Disgusted, the cop says, "Why do you have a Budweiser label on your forehead?" The guy looks at himself in the mirror and sees the label. Thinking fast he looks at the cop and says, "Oh this? Well you see, I'm trying to quit drinking and my doctor gave me this patch."

funniness: 5.78

rating: PG