Amelia P.

One beautiful summer's day a man decided to go take skydiving lessons. He met up with a teacher and a few hours later they went up into the plane. As they were approaching the diving height the teacher was repeating to him the steps to a succesful skydive. "Remember, step on the ledge of the plane, jump as far away from the plane as you can, wait 1000ft and the pull the cord. If something goes wrong, pull the small loop under your chest." The man was psyched to go for his jump. He decided he thought he was ready to go down before the teacher. As the man approached the plane's door, the teacher yelled "judt remember: jump, wait 1000 and pull... jump, wait and pull." The man gave a nod of his head, took a deep breath and jumped as far away from the plane poosible. The man was so afraid as he was plunging at full speed through the air that he forgot all the instructions that came after "jump". On his way down he saw a man who was on his way up and yelled: "Any idea how to use a parachute?" the man replied "no, any idea how to use a propane barbeque?"

funniness: 5.55

rating: G