Michael H.

On a safary in West Africa, the observer Jane Mandleham is traveling with journalist Jill "Deaf Girl" Jarter. Jill was natorious for screwing up stories because of her horrible hearing ability. Jane couldn't get anyone else because of her topic of research. She was studying the pleasure of sex among animals. They first fallowed a pack of lions around taping and studying their mating abilities. After much studying Jane told Jill that she thought that the whole pleasure of lion sex came from the male's furry manes. Jill then asked, "What kind of pains could these lions have that could cause actualy pleasure?" Jane then screemed that it was mains and not pains that caused the eroticism. They then fallowed a flock of rhino's around and studied their sexual behavior. Jane concluded that the rhino's hard skin was what made thier rough sex so enjoyable. Once again Jane noticed that Jill had documented that some exotic pin during sex was what made Rhino's so good. Once again Jane corrected Jill with anger and aggravation. Jane decided that one of her favorite animals, the Giraffe, would be their final observation. She noticed how the Giraffes would rap their 20 foot long necks around each other, and decided that nothing else in the animal kingdom could provide more pleasure. She explained the whole theory to Jill in slow loud words so that she could understand. After she was done, Jane asked Jill if she understood what she just said, and if she knew what that meant. Jill smiled and said yeah, she then jumped out of their jeep, went over and gave a Giraffe a blow job. When she got back Jane asked what the hell she did that for. Jill replied, "You told me that since the biggest I have ever seen is a one foot peck, I should get it while the getting is good, and long."

funniness: 5.93

rating: R