I Go By M.

1. Throw decapitated chickens off the roof, act like you are teaching them to fly. 2. Make puppets out of decapitated chickens and put on a puppet show for all of the neighborhood kids. 3. Wear a decapitated chicken on a string around your neck, if anyone asks about it, say its the latest fashion in Paris (Paris, Texas, if there is a Paris in Texas). 4. Staple a chicken (decapitated of course) to all of your business reports, or papers, say its your "signature chicken". 5. Play "Pin the Head on the Chicken" as a party game, fun for the whole family! 6. Use it as a ketchup bottle! No need to fill it with ketchup, it's already there! 7. Bob for chicken heads! 8. Get an ad on the front page of a newspaper and have a picture of you holding a decapitated chicken saying, "Got chicken heads?" 9. Real chicken fights, instead of those CHEAP imitations. 10. One word "decapitated Christmas chicken" for those of you who can count "decapitatedChrismaschicken."

funniness: 4.13

rating: R