I Go By M.

1. Think about Jenn...wait, that only works for me sorry. 2. Walk around the room and sing a song very loud. It works best during a standerdized test 3. Throw your desk on the floor say "Screw this!!!" and walk out. Pull all the fire thingys on your way out of the school. 4. Cough every ten seconds. 5. Act as if you're dealing drugs to the person next to you. If you are real daring, actually deal. 6. When you are asked to answer a question begin and then in the middle speak in a deep voice saying, "I must find a more suitable host body." 7. Walk naked. When someone tells you you're naked insist that you aren't. 8. Come to school in a horse carriage. 9. Bring a pillow and a blanket. Attempt to sleep. Tell your teacher to try to talk softer so you can sleep. 10. Pay attention.

funniness: 5.58

rating: PG