J M.

Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, and Bill Clinton get stuck in a tornado and land in the Land of Oz. Once they get to the Emerald City Ronald Reagan steps up. The great wizard asks, "What brings you here?" Ronald Reagan said, "I had some trouble with Iran and I would want a bit of courage." "Done," replied the great wizard. Then President Carter steps up. "What brings you in front of the great wizard?" asked the wizard. "Umm...I need a brain I think," answered President Carter. "Done," said the great wizard. Then George Bush steps up. "What troubles you?" asked the wizard. "People say I need a heart," said Bush. "I've heard so. Done," said the wizard. Then Clinton steps up. "What brings you to the Emerald City?" asked the wizard. Clinton paused. "Well?!" shouted the wizard. Then Clinton said "Uh... anybody seen Dorthy around?"

funniness: 5.62

rating: PG