I Go By M.

1. Pull a lawn chair out into the middle of the road and lay there all day. 2. Walk around wearing only a headband while selling lemonade. 3. Walk into someone's house that you don't know and start to make lemonade. Periodically go upstairs to the master bedroom and take a nap. If you are caught insist that you live there 4. Go to the zoo and steal a monkey. Walk around all day with it and say that s/he wanted to visit some friends. Act as if this is normal. 5. Point at anyone outside and start laughing hysterically while doing the macarina. 6. Walk your imaginary dog, or any pets like a goldfish or snake. Ask someone you meet why people laugh at you. 7. Try to write your name in the grass. 8. Run around screaming that the Big Giant Carrot is chasing you. Ask if you can use someone's plunger to fight it. 9. Walk around with a leash asking everyone if they have seen your pet elephant Stinky. 10. Stand in the middle of the road with a lemonade stand. Do not let anyone pass who hasn't bought from you. 11. Put signs in people's yards that say "For Sale, will take first offer." 12. Put post-it notes on trees and in the grass or wherever you walk. Make sure that they each say a different letter of the alphabet. 13. Walk around with a map of the world. Dig up people's yards insisting that there is treasure in their yard. Say they will get a "sizable" percent of the profit. 14. Bring out a limbo stick and ask to start a limbo party! 15. Dress up as batman/catwoman and trick-or-treat. Do not leave someone's house until you get candy. 16. Draw various shapes on the street with chalk. 17. Make people pay a fee per hour to park in their own driveway or garage. If necessary give them a parking ticket. 18. Sit outside on a chair and start instructing a school class. Every once in a while say. "Jonny!! If you do that one more time you are going to the pricipal!!" Eventually send "Jonny" to the principal. Start talking about him behind his back. 19. Conduct a seance. Need I say more? 20. Sing about your dog and how he jumped over the moon but the cow stole all of the fame. 21. Dress up as a decapitated chicken and try to sell chicken fingers to people. If you're really mean try to sell to little kids.

funniness: 6.41

rating: PG