Sarah M.

This is not really a joke it's just little things oyu can do on the computer and they are, ~~~~(___*> that is a rat, mouse, or gerbil. Here is a fish ><(((*>, some pretzles &&&&&&, now here are some faces, :) (smiley) :( (frowning), ;) (winking), :| (a serious face), :*) (a kiss on the check), @:) (Elvis Presley), 8:) (a girl with a bow in her hair), :)8 (a man or boy with a bow tie on), 8) (someone with BIG eyes or someone with sunglasses). You can use these things whenever you would like! =) Here are some more: an angel 0:) 0=), smiliey faces :-) =-), here is one with a hat on [:), if I think of anymore I will come back!

funniness: 4.14

rating: G