Anthony R.

There's a little 13 year old boy walking down the street one day with some chicken wire in his grasp, an old man on the corner see's this and is puzzeled. He then asks the boy, "What are you gonna do with that chicken wire?" To which the boy replies, "I'm gonna catch me some chickens!" When he comes back later, he's holding three chickens in his hands. The next day, the old man sees the boy with duck tape this time, this again puzzles the man, and he asks the lad, " What are you going to do with that duck tape?" To which the boy replies, "I'm going to catch me some ducks." Later the boy walks by the man, his arms full of ducks. Then next day, the man see the boy walking down the street with a flower, the guy asks him, " What kind of flower is that son?" the boy says " This is pussy willow." This time the old man understands and replies, "Wait a second, I'll go get my hat!"

funniness: 6.65

rating: R