Marsh M.

A blind rabbit and a blind snake bumped into each other while traveling through the forest. Blind rabbit: Excuse me, but I am blind. I intended no offense. Blind snake: No problem, I am also blind. What kind of animal are you? Blind rabbit: I don't know. I have never seen myself. What kind of animal are you? Blind snake: I don't know either. Why don't we do each other a favor. I will feel you and tell you what kind of animal you are, and then you will do the same for me. They both agreed so the blind snake slithered up and down the blind rabbit's body, and was able to determine what the blind rabbit was. Blind snake: I have good news for you. You are warm, and fuzzy. You have a furry little tale, and long soft ears. You must be bunny rabbit. The blind rabbit was very happy and then began feeling the blind snake. Blind rabbit: I have bad news for you. You're low to the ground, you're slimy, and you have a forked tongue. You're long and thin, and you feel just like a pecker without balls. You're a lawyer.

funniness: 7.17

rating: PG