Cindy A.

A married couple was very nervous about taking their 4 year old son out to an expensive resturaunt with the husband's boss. They worked constantly for a week with the boy to insure that he would display proper "public" ettiquette. They made sure he knew to walk (don't run) to the table when the waiter showed them where to sit. And to lay the cloth napkin on his lap...and not to wipe his nose with it. And to use his utensils and not his usual fingerpainting method of eating as everyone was accustomed to viewing at home. When the big day came...the mom and dad were understandably nervous. They held their breath when the waiter led their party through the crowds of well dressed people to their table and didn't let it out until the dessert was eaten and they saw that the boy had passed the test with flying colors. Then the boy, placing his dessert spoon in the mousse dish and placing his napkin upon the table asked his daddy if he may be excused to go to the restroom. The mother smiled brightly and nodded her head to the father who promptly got up and led the boy away. The mother, very relaxed and happy with the successful evening, chatted with her husband's boss and his wife. The conversation was cut short, however, as she stared in amazement at her son who was running towards her...knocking into all parties on his way. He panted heavily as he reached the table and the mother urgently quized the child, "Honey...whatever is the wrong? Are you ok?" The child, who had never been in a public restroom, replied loudly, "Yah...I'm ok but boy is dad ever gonna get it! He just peed in the sink!"

funniness: 6.71

rating: PG