Genevieve B.

A man is standing in line at the ticket counter in his local airport when he suddenly notices that the girl at the tickets counter has the largest breasts he has ever seen. Transfixed, he continues to stare at her chest while the line moves forward. Finally, he reaches the front of the counter. Upon being asked his destination, he asks the girl if he could could please have two pickets to Titsburgh. Horrified at what he's just said out loud, he stammers his way through an apology, and hurries to catch his flight. All through the flight, he can think of nothing but what he said to the ticket girl,and all through the following day. Untill the guilt finally consumes him, and he has to tell somebody what happened. He blurts out his story to one of his friends over lunch. "can you believe I said two pickets to Titsburgh?" He asks? "Sure." replies his friend. "It's called a fruedian slip, I do them all the time. In fact, just the other day over coffee I asked my wife to pass the sugar, when what I really meant to say was, "You ruined my life, you fucking bitch!"

funniness: 6.43

rating: R