Megan L.

This guy is speeding 75 in a 55 zone, so the highway patrol pulls him over and says, "You know son you were speeding so I'm gonna have to give you a ticket." So the guy says, "Okay officer I'll pay it." The officer looks at him and he thinks to himself, I bet this sucker doesn't even have a job. So, he confronts the guy. "Son!" says the officer, "Do you even have a job?" "Well yes," answers the guy, "I have a very good job, I'm a rectum strecher. The officer says in reply, "Well what do you do?" Well," explains the guy, "you see, I stick my hand up this guys ass, and I pull out his rectum, and then I sretch it until it's 10 feet long. The officer says in resondse, "What would you do with a ten foot ass!?" "Well," says the guy, "you give it a patrol gun and you stick it at the end of a highway!"

funniness: 4.96

rating: R