Kristi T.

One day this guy is driving along a road, and his car breaks down in front of a farm. A farmer walks out with his beautiful daughter, and says, "If you go in the shed and fuck the cow I'll fix your car and let you have a night alone with my daughter." The disgusted guy calls the CAA and leaves without going near the shed. The next day the same thing happens to a different guy, and the response is the same. The next day, it happens again, but the guy's desperate to have a night alone with the daughter, so he slowly walks in the shed. Four hours later he walks out sweaty and unusually happy. The farmer says, "You've done it, I'll go get my tools and you can take my daughter with you when I'm fixing the car. The guy says, "Hell with your daughter! How much for the cow?"

funniness: 5.44

rating: R