Karina M.

This is something funny that happened to me: My father, sister, cousin and I were at Paramount Canada's Wonderland. It was really, really, really hot, so us three kids begged my father to buy us popsicles. He said yes. I ordered fudge. I was so hot that as soon as I got my popsicle out of the Popsicle Man's freezer, I ripped open the wrapper and licked it... Only it was still partially ice, so it got stuck on my tongue! I tried and tried to rip it off but it wouldn't get off! So my sister had to take me to the girls' room where we melted the popsicle with hot water and it finally came off! And my tongue was really bleeding, so I had to keep a kleenex on it. I felt so mad because it was really very hot and I couldn't eat my popsicle (becuase we had melted it until it was gone) and my sister and cousin were standing there in fornt of me eating THEIR popsicles, and they were laughing histerically at me! Quite a story, huh?

funniness: 3.10

rating: G