E- D.

Ah. Roses are red, and blood is red, But do we really care when are wives give us head, Sometimes its good, sometimes its not, We mainly enjoy it when we get high off pot, But when we get lonely and feel like stale fruit, I just get some cash and hire a prostitute, Suddenly your thing gets harder than a college math test, Because your staring at a women with gigantic sized breast, But wify wonders why you have been out so late, She gets mad and says, no loving for you, you'll just have to masturbate. But you dont care about sleeping with a whore, It's not like wify satisified you before, Now your sitting lonely in a chair, Thinking of hoes and wishing you had more money to spare, But if you read this poem closely and listen, You will soon realize, "Hey! This sounds like the life of President Clinton. The End. P.S. Wait till you see what happens to this summer.

funniness: 6.43

rating: R