Grim R.

Abusive Labs presented today the last word in PC peripherals! The SmellBlaster 64! Have you ever asked yourself about how the dead decomposing bodies from Duke3D smelled? Or the cheap perfume of the provocative girls in the Leisure Suit Larry's game series? Or even the powder smell from the DOOM's BFG2000 enemy vaporizer? Now we have the SMELLBLASTER! Tech Data: 64 simultaenous smells DirectSmell compatible (DirectX smell extensions) Environmental Smell (you can't guess where the stinking shit comes from) Dolby SmellAround (And the smell comes from everywhere, anywhere). Smell Accelerator Processor 3DPowerSmellFw at 200Mhz. 2 Mb Smelltable expansible to 20 Mb using Abusive Labs RSS (Really Stinking Smell) Technology. Requires AGP 2x and Plug & Smell BIOS You can even plug 2 boards in interleave mode! (twice the smell in half the time!)

funniness: 3.88

rating: PG