Mia S.

A lonely man is walking down the street after leaving his crappy office, not wanting to go home to his crappy appartment with the alcoholic wife. He passes by a whore house, and decides that he just happens to be in the mood for a nice blow job. He goes inside, asks for a good, old fashioned blow job. They send him up to a room and tell him to wait for the girl. Before getting on the bed he notices the bucket standing next to it. Shrugging, he climbs onto the bed and waits. After the girl gives him what he asked she spits out the cum into the bucked. He grins and asks, "Don't like the taste of jiz, eh?" She shakes her head, "No no, it's not that. My friend and I have a bet. Whoever fills their bucket first gets to drink both."

funniness: 6.44

rating: R