Nanci N.

A mormon, a priest, and a bishop were all on a plane over the Atlantic. Suddenly, 3 men with guns hijacked the plane. The pilot got on the radio to the nearest airpot police and repeated the hijackers' demands. After a little while, the hijackers got impatient and said they were going to start killing with the 3 people in front, who were the mormon, the priest and the bishop. They asked any last requests of the mormon. She replied, "Yes. I just want to sing my favorite mormon song first." They hijackers agreed and then asked the priest of any last requests. He said, "Yes, I would like to give the sermon I had prepared for this Sunday." The hijackers thought it was unusual, but saw no harm in it, so agreed to grant it. Then they turned to the bishop and asked him. The bishop motioned for one of them to come closer so he could whisper in his ear. He said, "Kill me after the song."

funniness: 5.27

rating: PG