Rebekah B.

This man walks into a hotel and he asks the host for a room. The host says it's ok if he gets the grandest and best one, but he can't put his dick into any of the three holes in the shower. So the man gets comfy in his room and prepares to take his shower. He gets in and is totally haunted by those three holes, just his size. He gives up and puts it into the first one; it feels great! He puts his dick into the second one and it feels even better! Finally the last hole... this is the best experience of his life... As the man was checking out of the motel, he asked the host what was in the three holes... The host replied, "In the first hole was a blonde, the second a brunette, and then in the third hole was an old man with no teeth!"

funniness: 6.30

rating: R