Joe D.

There are 3 English men sitting at a bar. The 3 guys are having a good time. An Irish man walks in to the bar and orders a beer and sits a good distants from the English men. The Irish man sits back enjoying his beer. One english man says to the other, "Wanna cause some truoble with this Irish guy over there?" The two others agree with the one and they go over to the Irish guy and say "So I hear your St. Patrick is a maroon." The Irish guy continues sipping his beer quietly. "It didn't work." Said one of the english men. "Wait this one should do it." said the second english man. The English man walks up to the Irish guy and says, "So I hear your St. Patrick is a goofball." Again the Irish man says nothing and continues to sip his beer. "It didn't work." said one of the English men. "Wait this one WILL do it." the third English man said. The English man walks up to the Irish man and says, "So I heard your St. Patrick was an English man." The Irish man stands up to face the English man and says, "So that's what your friends were trying to say."

funniness: 5.92

rating: PG