Brian H.

1. Every time some one dies stand up and cheer. 2. Take a small laser and shine it up at the screen and act like you don't know who has it. 3. When people are crying start laughing. 4. Get a lot of straws and keep blowing of the wrapers every 5 mins. 5. If the people infront of you are tall put your feet on their arms and throw popcorn at them. 6. If the people that work there go to get you answer all the questions with questions. 7. Keep on going back and forth to different movies everyone 5 mins and be loud while you are in a movie. 8. Ask everyone in the theater if they will give you some popcorn. 9. Sit on your and you friends coat or jacket and sit up tall. 10. be as loud as you can when the best scene is on. 11. Act gay.

funniness: 5.40

rating: PG