Kate E.

After 30 years of marriage an Italian woman addressed her husband one evening. "For 30 years I've done everything you asked of me without complaint. Now after 30 years I wish to ask two things of you so that I may be even happier in my old age." "What are they?" asked the husband. "My love, you always pick your nose," replied the wife, "and I wish that you would not do that." "And the other thing?" inquired the husband. "Whenever we have sex, you always are on the top and I would really like to be on the top of you sometimes." "Well, my dear," said the husband, "I have tried, as you have to make our marriage good, and foremost in my mind I have kept the words of your father when we were betrothed. He said only two things to me. First, he said, 'Now you marry my daughter make sure you always keep your nose clean.' And second he said, 'And don't fuck up.'"

funniness: 7.31

rating: R