Norske S.

There was a man who loved to go pheasant hunting in the fall of year and read an advertisement of a dog trainer that rented out "the world's best bird dogs." He decided to try one of these dogs since he had never had any luck with the hunting dog he already owned. He went to the dog trainer and asked, "I read your ad and would like to rent one of your dogs to hunt pheasants for the day. I would like the best dog in your kennel." The dog trainer replied, "Well, then you would want Lawyer. He has a great nose and always scares up dozens of pheasants. He rents for $50 per day." "Great!" the hunter replied. The hunter paid the fee and took Lawyer out to a field and sure enough, he flushed out one bird after another and by the end of the day the man had shot his limit of pheasants. The next year the man knew he had to go back to this same kennel and rent Lawyer. However, upon arriving the dog trainer told the hunter that Lawyer now rented for $100 a day. "Why is that?" the hunter asked. "Well, Lawyer is even better this year. Take him out and you'll see." The hunter felt it was worth the $100 if the dog was better than the last year and so he paid the fee and went out to a field and sure enough, Lawyer flushed out so many pheasants that the hunter had shot his limit before lunch time. The next year the man returned to rent Lawyer for the day but was surprised to discover that the dog now rented for $500 a day. The dog trainer said, "He's expensive because he is in such high demand. Everybody wants Lawyer. And why not? He's an even better bird dog than last year." Once again the hunter felt it was worth the price and so he paid the $500 and went out to a field. Lawyer was fantastic and the hunter shot his limit of pheasant within an hour. The next year the hunter returned to rent Lawyer. "How much this year?" he said. "$5," the dog trainer replied. "$5?" the hunter exclaimed. What do you mean $5? The first year you charged $50, the second year $100 and last year $500? What happened that Lawyer is suddenly so cheap?" The dog trainer responded, "A couple of weeks ago a couple of guys came in and rented Lawyer and took him out to hunt pheasants but in the process they mistakenly called him Judge....and now all he does is sit on his butt and bark!"

funniness: 5.82

rating: PG