Scott B.

Pa and Clem were walking around in the cow pasture one day and they saw a bull and a heifer going at it. Little Clem said to Pa, "Pa what they be doin'?" "Well, Clem, they be screwin'." said Pa. "Pa, What's screwin'?" questioned Clem. "Well, Clem, come up to the house and I'll show ya." When they got to the house, there was the wife making dinner in the kitchen. Pa said, "Wife, go upstairs and get naked." So she goes upstairs. A little while later Pa says, "Now Clem you follow me." They go upstairs, and sure enough there is the wife laying naked spread eagle on the bed. Pa strips down naked and says, "Now Clem, you see that hole between your mother's legs? Watch old Pa go to work!!" So Pa hops on Ma and starts going at it. A little while later little sister walks in. "Clem, what they be doin'?" she asks. "Well Sis, they be screwin'", says Clem. "Clem, what's screwin'?" asks little sister. Clem strips down and says, "Now sis, you see that hole between your father's legs? Watch old Clem go to work!"

funniness: 7.10

rating: R