Jon W.

John was going on a camping trip to the artic to hunt for the majestic polar bear. He got to the airport and started on his flight to the artic. Once there, he got a cabin, and in no time, he was hunting polar bears. After 3 hours, he had seen no sign of any polar bears, no tracks, nothing. He decided to go to a nearby bar to have a couple of drinks. John sat down next to an old man with an excited look on his face. The man asked John what he was doing way out here. John said he was hunting polar bears, but had no luck so far. The old man smiled and said, I know a secret for catching them. And with that, he told John the secret of catching a polar bear, "First, you go out to the middle of nowhere. Then you cut a big hole in the ice. Then, lay peas one inch apart along the outside of the circle. Then, when a polar bear comes to take a pea, you kick him in the ice hole!!!"

funniness: 4.52

rating: PG