Gene G.

A modern woman was stranded in the middle of nowhere at night. She climbs out of her car and runs in the rain to a nearby farmhouse. The farmer greets her at the door and tells her that she can sleep in the barn. "But I warn you missy, you better not mess around with those two sons of mine!" The woman heeds his words and goes to the barn. After a bit of tossing and turning, she decides to have some fun. So she sneaks out to the house and brings the boys back to the barn. And before things get too busy, she pulls out a pair of condoms and tells the guys to put them on. "Why do we need these things?" "So that I don't get pregnant!" The night proves to be a lot of fun and in the morning the woman leaves and goes back home. A month goes by and Bob and Earl are sitting on the porch of the farmhouse. Earl turns to Bob and says. "You remember that nice lady that stopped by here a while back?" "Yeah?!" "Well, I don't care if she gets pregnant, I'm taking this thing off. I really need to pee!"

funniness: 7.09

rating: R