Murph S.

1) Is it just me or do women always have to own ten thousand shoes that they never use? 2) Is is just me, or when you ask a women what's wrong, and she says something like "fine" or "nothing" it really means "I'm pissed off at you and you have about twenty minutes to guess, take responsibility say sorry ten times or your cut off for two weeks." 3) Why do women have to look at everything when they go shopping? And then get mad at us when we don't wanna go? 4) Why can't we plain old quick hot monkey sex with a women, instead of "making love" 5) Why can't women accept the fact that lesbians are cool! 6) Why can't women accept that when an attractive women walks by with a low cut top and huge breasts we have no control over staring at them! 7) Why can't women get over the fact that when ever they ask "how do I look", and we say fine, we always have to say yes! 8) Sports are the ultimate escape for us guys who are no good at them, let us watch them in peace or don't expect us to go to a ballet or opera. 9) If the toilet seat is up, do the logical thing and put it down! 10) Don't expect guys to like your dad or ex-boyfriend 11) Realize that guys are no too bright, so when we say we're fine we probably are. If you wanna know what is going on in a guy's mind it's either the Smurfs theme music or some useless sports stuff.

funniness: 6.40

rating: R