Olga I.

A female's version of a nice dinner: 1. He pickes you up in his car. 2. You go to a movie that you wanted to see forever. 3. You go over to his house, and have a goof candle light dinner that he cooked, and then he cleaned up. 4. You rent a major chick flick movie, and watch it with him, cuddling on the couch. 5. He drives you home. 6. Walks you to the door, you give his a sweet little peck, and go in the house. 7. He leaves, and goes home. ================================== A male's version of a nice dinner: 1. After he pickes you up in a car, you go to a movie. 2. You make out in the movie theater. 3. You go to his house, eat pizza, have sex on the table after you eat. 4. You rent a movie, and watch it. 5. During the movie, you have sex on the couch. 6. He drives you home, you have sex in the car. 7. You walk to the porch, have sex on the porch. 8. Both of you go into her house, and have sex on her bed. 9. Then you have sex with her parents. 10. After you got home, you have sex with yourself on the table, the couch, and the bed.

funniness: 6.65

rating: R