Chi Chi T.

The thrill he just had wore his dick out, he couldn't perform his normal thrilling deed to satisfy his wife. "Look dear," he said, "would you mind not wanting tonight?" "But, I'm ever so horny!" "Wait then, can I get you something from the sex shop?" "Okay." He walked into the sex shop and asked the guy for something special. "Well, we have something for everybody!" "No, no, you don't understand. I'm worn out because my wife sucks at rooting so I go to the whore house and get pumped there. I'm all worn out." "Oh, I see. So you need something special?" "Yes, I'm glad you understand." "Ummm, here. Come out the back and I'll show you." So the man followed the guy out the back. He handed the guy some rubbing lotion and a packet of pills. "The rub lotion is for your penis. If you feel tired, this wakes it up. The pills are for your wife to be able to have wild, passionate sex with you so you will look forward to go home to her and totally ignore the whore house. Slip 'em into her drink at your dinner." "Okay." So the man went home to his really horny wife. As he walked in, his dick still worn out, she pounced on him! "Wait!" he screamed as she tore off his pants. "What is it baby?" "Here, swallow this and I'll go get a condom." The wife agreed. She swallowed the pill and felt this urge to get him into bed. She was banging the door down to the bathroom! The man rubbed in the lotion and his dick shot up! It was as hard as ever! He couldn't believe it. His wife pumped down the door and ran in and screwed him on the bathroom floor. He couldn't believe his luck! It was the best sex he'd ever had! When he was totally satisfied he went down to the kitchen to get somehting to eat. His little daughter walked in and started yelling. "Daddy! Daddy! The plumber's killing mummy! He's on the back of her trying to do something!" horrified the husband raced upstairs and walked in on his wife having wild, erotic sex with the plumber guy. "What the hell are you doing!" He screamed. He saw the pleasure in the plumbers eyes. He wanted to be in the plumbers position. He pried his wife away from the plumber and started to lecture her. Then she came out of her expiration for the pills. "Oh hi hunny, I'll start dinner." "Don't you feel ashamed!" suddenly he felt a pain in his asshole. "Of what! The plumber took all of my pills!"

funniness: 6.39

rating: R