Peerapong K.

A house selling cheap, quickly buy before it burns out. Quick! Fire engines are rushing there already! A flat, price negotiable. Selling before my neighbour comes back. Need a maid? I'm selling her without her consent. Want a sumptious meal? Pay me a sum of money and we'll arrange for a robbery at a restaurant. Tutor available for tuition in all subjects. Results guaranteed. Have taught before 18 pupils in 3 days. A session is 10 minutes. Bungalow for immediate occupation! Stay there for free while I get away. police is raiding it soon. Old clothes for sale; ladies' wear for men, gentlemen's wear for ladies. A boat, in good condition off the coast. State 90% except for hole in the bottom. A set of computer, P2-366 speed. Good casing. Monitor included. everything inside the casing not included. A collection of the Beatles CDs, good for frisbees.

funniness: 5.59

rating: G