Andy G.

Bertha was really excited when she was asked to the prom by Ted, the football team captain and all-around hunk. She spared no expense on the best dress, finest perfume and she even got a manicure and her hair done. She was on top of the world. When Ted came to pick her up, he insisted on coming in and meeting Bertha's mother. They talked for a while, and all of a sudden Bertha felt this humongous gas bubble rising in her bowels. She had to release it, but couldn't possibly in front of Ted. So she sat there, holding it in for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, Ted suggested they get going. But first, could he use the restroom? Bertha agreed, saying she would wait in the car. She could barely hold it out to the car. She got in, slammed the door and immediately let loose with one that shook the car windows. She hurriedly opened the window, and started fanning the noxious fumes out of the car. It was then she saw Ted coming. She worried about whether or not he smelled it. He didn't seem to though. She was instantly relieved. It was then that Ted slammed the door, gestured to the back-seat and said "This is Jimmy and Amy. Hope you don't mind they're riding with us."

funniness: 6.66

rating: PG