Patty A.

One day this traveling salesman was in the country and decided that he was very tired and wanted to sleep. Seeing there was no motels around he went to the nearest farm house and asked the farmer if he could sleep there. The farmer said that he could sleep in the barn in the old Chevy. But if the salesman messed with his daughters Shelley and Venus he would kill him. The salesman agreed to the terms and went to the barn to sleep. Sometime in the night he heard someone tapping on the window of the old Chevy. He rolled down the window to find Shelley. Shelley asked the salesman to bed her. The salesman said, "No, because your daddy said he would kill me." She said, "He says that to all the guys but doesn't mean it." So he decided to bed Shelley. When they were done Shelley went back to the house and he went back to sleep. Sometime later in the night the man heard a knock on the window of the old Chevy again. This time it was Venus. Venus told the man she knew he had bedded her sister and if he didn't do her she would go tell her daddy and he would kill him. So he did her too. After they were done she went home and he went to sleep. In the morning he awoke and left the farm. A couple of months later the salesman received a letter in the mail from the farmer and it said: "Are you the one that did the pushing and left the spots upon the cushion and the footprints on the dashboard upside down? Ever since you left my Shelley she has had problems with her belly so I think you should be coming back around." The salesman thought and wrote in reply, "Dear Sir, Yes I'm the one who did the pushing and left the spots upon the cushions and the footprints on the dashboard upside down. Ever since I left your Venus I had problems with my penis so I think we are 50/50 all around."

funniness: 6.43

rating: R