Zac C.

Juan writes about the best part of the movie "A Bug's LIfe." At the end of the movie are "outtakes" (you know--the "mistakes" during filming). Well, of course since the movie was all done by computer, there *are* no real outtakes. "I took my date to see it and when they played the outtakes, she asked, 'Did those bugs *really* forget their lines?'" MBS said she and her husband were talking to the lady who wanted to open her own nightclub for teenagers. She said, "Teenagers can't get into the adult clubs because, you know, most teenagers are under 21." Trevor told about the kid in class who looked confused when the subject got around to Saddam Hussein. The teacher asked if the kid knew who Hussein was. "Yeah, he's that guy from Star Wars." When the class cracked up the kid corrected himself. "Oh, that's right--Star *Trek*". Norreen did a "Self-Judi" when meeting a business partner of her husband. She was asked if she came from a large family. She said, "No, the men are only about six feet tall and pretty thin." Melissa was telling a coworker of the notice she'd received of her Ten Year High School Reunion. The coworker said, "So what year did you graduate?" (Think about it...) Spence was discussing the latest design changes on this one car at the car show. Someone noted the windshield wipers now didn't show from the front of the car. I opened my mouth and seriously suggested, "Maybe the windshield wipers are on the *inside* of the windshield now..." Being very patriotic Kelly went with Judi to register to vote. We filled out the forms and handed them to the registrar. He looked them over and handed Judi's back to her. "You answered the question on your 'State Of Birth' wrong." She'd written: "alive."

funniness: 6.58

rating: PG