Claire S.

1. "The Ghost in the Attic" by Howie Wailes 2. "Cliff Tragedy" by Eileen Dover 3. "The Yellow River" by I.P Freely 4. "The Spot on the Wall" By Hu Flung Dung 5. "Embarassing Moments" By Lucy Lastic 6. "The Hungry dog" by Nora Bone 7. "Walking to school" by Mr Bus 8. "Ghosts" by Sue Pernatural 9. "The wonders of Mathematics" by I.M.Boring 10. "Broken Window" by Eva Brick 11. "The Omen" by B. Warned 12. "Poltergeists" by Eve L. Spirit 13. "Help for a Jail Breaker" by Freida Prisner 14. "Sahara Journey" by I. Rhoda Camel 15. "All about explosives" by Dinah Mite 16. "A hole in the bucket" by Lee King 17. "Holidays in Britain" by A. Pauline Weather 18. "Driving through Germany" by Otto Mobile 19. "Infectious diseases" by Willie Catchit 20. "Ghosts" by I.C Spooks 21. "How to grow taller" by Stan Dupp 22. "How to grow shorter" by Neil Down 23. "Rocket to the sun" by R.U. Nuts 24. "Plants of the ocean" by C. Weed 25. "How to become a millionaire" by Robin Banks 26. "Revenge of the tiger" by Claude Body 27. "The wind from the south" by I.C.Blast 28. "How to take your temperature" by Arthur Mometer

funniness: 5.34

rating: PG