Dennis O.

Seems there was this woman who was troubled with overly big pussy lips. It got to the point where they caused her great discomfort, even to walk. Finally she decided to see her doctor about her situation. She described her problem to him and asked if there was any kind of surgery he could perform to make her back to normal. After assurring her that he could fix the problem, she made him promise that this woould never get out and no-one would know about it. "Don't worry," he said, "this is all confidential." She had the surgery and when she awoke in her hospital room, she noticed three beautiful red roses on her nightstand. Just then the doctor came in the room to see how she was feeling. He told her that everything went well and she should be able to go home the next day. "Thanks doc," she said, "I feel better already. By the way, do you know who the roses are from?" "Well," he said, "One is from me. That is something I do for all my patients. The other one is from my wife." "I thought you were going to keep this confidential." she said. "That's ok," the doctor told her, "I talk to my wife about all my surgeries and she sends a rose to cheer up the patient." "Well, I guess that's ok too, but what about the third rose, who is that one from?" "Oh," he said, "that's from a guy on the fourth floor burn unit, that's his way of thanking you for his new ears."

funniness: 7.31

rating: R