Jim S.

A woman had just given birth to a baby and she wanted to know its sex. She said, "Doctor, is it a boy or a girl?" The Doctor replies, "Wait and I'll go get it." He come back into the room and he is walking toward th lady. The baby slips and he drops it. He said, "Oh no...I'm so sorry." Meanwhile the woman is freaking out. He picks the baby up and starts to walk to the woman again. He drops it again. She is screaming, "You dropped it again. You're going to kill it." The doctor said, "Well, here catch." He then proceeds to throw the child at the woman, and it hits the wall and bounces off. She is screaming and yelling, "What are you doing...you're killing my baby!" The doctor then looks at the woman and says, "Ha Ha...April Fools. Your baby was born dead."

funniness: 3.16

rating: PG