Dash R.

In a furious battle, an Indian landed in a foxhole. The foxhole commander went over to the parachute covered man and wondered what kind of military man he was. He asked him, "Are you a parachutest?" and made a motion with his hand going down past his arm perpendicularly. "Ugh..." the Indian replied. "Are you a infantry man?" the commander said again, making a walking man motion with his fingers going up his other arm. "Ugh..." the Indian replied. "Are you an artillery man?" the commander asked again, making a motion with one hand in a tube shape and the other going in and out reapetitivly, like a cannon firing. "Ugh..." the Indian replied. "Are you an observer?" the commander asked again, making a motion with his hands like binoculars over his eyes. "Yeeeeeeee!!!" the Indian screeched and ran to the next foxhole. The commander went after him, but the Indian kept running. The commander asked the commander of the next foxhole what the Indian was saying, the other commander being a Indian himself. "Well, the crazed Indian said that when the sun went down, and all the men walked away, somebody would fuck him in the ass until his eyes popped out." the Indian commander said, making all of the hand movements that the commander was motioning to the crazed Indian all along at his foxhole.

funniness: 5.48

rating: R