Kiki S.

There was once a lumberjack. He went to the woods each day with his ax and choped down 15 trees. One day on his way to work he passed a hardware store. In the window there was a wonderful chain saw and next to it was a sign that said: THIS CHAIN SAW WILL CUT DOWN 50 TREES A DAY!!! OWN IT FOR ONLY $40!! The lumberjack bought it and continued to work. Each day he only cut down 15 trees a day with his chain saw, so he brought it to the hardware store and told the clerk that he thought it was broken. "Well, sir, let's see..." The clerk turned it on and a roaring noise came. "It seems to be working." But the lumberjack was puzzled and he asked, "What's that noise?!?"

funniness: 6.30

rating: G